Installing a Water Butt in Your Garden

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Installing a Water Butt in Your Garden

February is an ideal time of year to start collecting rainwater to use in the garden. Using a water butt is environmentally friendly because it reuses naturally occurring water rather than drawing on the water supply, but it also has other advantages. It can:

  • Save you money on water bill
  • Avoid those frustrating hosepipe bans in hot weather
  • Benefit plants, as it doesn’t contain the chemicals that tap water does.

Choosing a water butt
There are water butts available for all sizes of garden, from classic large round butts to smaller, square models designed to snuggle against a wall and take up less ground space.

Placing a water butt
It’s best to attach a butt to a building with guttering so that rain runs from the drainpipe into the butt. You can attach the butt at the bottom of a drainpipe, trimming the pipe to go into the butt and putting an overflow pipe into the drain below. Alternatively, you can fit a rain trap and a connecting pipe to a drainpipe to reach to a more convenient location for the butt.

Installing a water butt

  • Positioning the butt under the downpipe, raise the base off the ground with a stand or bricks so that you can fit a watering can underneath the tap.
  • Mark where the top of the butt comes to on the pipe and take it off the stand.
  • Saw through the pipe 3cm below the mark and attach the rainwater diverter to the cut pipe.
  • Drill a hole in the butt 8cm from the top to fit the connector.
  • Push the connector through the drilled hole and screw in.
  • Attach the connector to the diverter with the fitting.
  • Put on lid and secure it.

Cover your water butt carefully to stop leaves and other debris falling in; this will help to prevent algae forming. If you do get slime or scum on the surface, you can buy a biological rainwater treatment to get rid of it. If you children use your garden, make sure the lid of the butt is secure and not accessible.

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