Garden Clearance and Makeover

Is your garden overgrown and you don’t know where to start? There’s no need to worry any further…we help lots of people every month clear their overgrown garden and return them to a manageable area.

Help is right here…

wooden-posts-1567285_640Often people feel embarrassed about the condition of their garden and overwhelmed at the workload ahead of them to return it to a manageable garden area. This is where our garden clearance service in Oxford area and the surrounding area is the perfect solution.

Following a FREE quotation and agreeing a fixed price our team will commence work on clearing the overgrown area whilst also preserving any cherished plants you wish to keep.

We can return even the worst area into a manageable space in no time at all.

small-flowers-1608469_640We’ll offer you the choice as to whether you would like the waste material removed from site or shredded for use as mulch or compost for the new garden. All our pricing options will be discussed during our visit.

Once the garden is cleared more often then not there are some unwanted tree or bush stumps which will be either ground down using our stump grinder or dug out depending on what the future plans are.

After the clearing process is complete we’ll move onto rotovate the soil ensuring you are left with a complete blank canvas.

Take a look at our Landscaping and Garden Design service to take the next step.

Makeover Service

Today more than ever, we need to maximise the investment and return we get from our homes. When it comes to selling and, therefore, buying a house, the garden can have as much influence in people’s decision making as a bathroom or kitchen.

The garden, after all, is often the ‘biggest room’ of any home and if that room is not as well presented as the rest of the property it can reflect in a slower sale or a reduction in value.

Acorns Landscape and Gardening offer a makeover service that can add up to 5% to the value of your property and help to speed up the sale.

There’s no need to look out over this view any more…!

Garden clearance Oxford